Toronto Bi+ Network

Bi+ Community


We've gone virtual! All our monthly peer support and discussion meetings, as well as the Bi+ brunch have resumed their regular schedules online. For access to any of these virtual spaces email


We provide a community where bisexuals, pansexuals, 2 spirit, fluid and other non-monosexual people, and those questioning their sexuality, can share diverse perspectives and common experiences.

TBN is committed to operating within an anti-oppression framework. We oppose biphobia, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, anti-black racism, anti-Indigenous racism, prejudice against people of colour, islamophobia, and antisemitism. We denounce white supremacy and recognise that systemic racism continues to be a major problem in Canada.


TBN hosts regular monthly events, as well as specific events related to our community, including events for Pride, Bi Awareness and Celebrate Bisexuality Day.

How We Help

We offer peer-support, a social network, information and other resources. We engage in outreach, advocacy and education around bisexual/pansexual/fluid and queer issues.


TBN puts the “B” in Toronto’s LGBTQ community. Ever wonder what that means? What is bisexuality? Who is the bi+ community? We provide information about bi+ culture, history, and resources.