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What Is Bisexuality?
This is a question that many people ask or have misconceptions about.

Here is one definition:


Bisexuality is the potential to feel sexual and/or romantic attracted to people of more than one gender. A bisexual person may not be equally attracted to men and women. The degree of attraction to any gender can be fluid and may change over time. Bisexuality does not prescribe a binary gender model to attraction. Bisexual people can be attracted to people across the spectrum of gender identities. Bisexuals can also identify across the spectrum of gender identities.


Bisexuals, like all people, have a wide variety of relationship styles. Just like anyone else, bisexuals may be single, have one partner, or have more than one partner. They may be monogamous, non-monogamous, or celibate.


Self-perception is the key to a bisexual identity. Many people engage in sexual activity with partners of more than one gender over the course of their lives but do not identify as bisexual. People who have had sex with only one gender, or who have not had sex at all, may identify as bisexual because of their attractions, fantasies or openness to a sexual or romantic relationship with someone of any gender.

Bisexuality Day
Celebrate Bisexuality Day takes place each year on September 23rd.

Started by bi activists in 1999, Celebrate Bisexuality Day (sometimes called Bi+ Visibility Day) puts bisexuality on the map with its call to promote bi+ visibility and celebrate the wonderful diversity of bi+ lives. Events are held all over the world on and around this date to raise the profile of identities under the bi+ umbrella and bring people's attention to the uniqueness of our lives.

Bisexual Symbols
Bisexual Flag

The pink color represents sexual attraction to the same gender only, the blue represents sexual attraction to the opposite gender only, and the resultant overlap color purple represents sexual attraction to all genders. The key to understanding the symbolism in the Bi Pride Flag is to know that the purple pixels of color blend unnoticeably into both the pink and blue, just as in the 'real world' where most bi people blend unnoticeably into both the gay/lesbian and straight communities. (amended from Michael Page, creator of the Bi Pride Flag)

Double Triangle

The double triangle is a well known bisexuality symbol and is full of meaning. The colour symbolism is the same as in the Bi Pride Flag. The significance of the triangles comes from WWII, where homosexual prisoners were forced to wear a triangle in Nazi camps; black for lesbians and pink for gay men. Triangle symbols in these two colours have been reclaimed by gay, lesbian and bisexual communities, with the bisexual community adding a second triangle and colours from the Bi Pride Flag to represent itself specifically.

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