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There are many Toronto area bisexuals/pansexuals you can talk to and the lists are a great way to find out what's going on in our local bi+ community.


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Toronto Bisexual Network (BITO)

All gender social group.

For information email


TBN Announce

Reminder emails of upcoming TBN

and bi friendly meetings and events.

Bisexual Women of Toronto

Women, transwomen, NB and genderqueer
social group.

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Bisexual Men of Toronto

Men, transmen, NB and genderqueer
social group.

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Bi Pride Planning

Be involved! Find out what's currently

in the works or suggest your own idea.


This group is for people who want to be involved in organizing events and in the administrative & planning side of Toronto Bisexual Network. We organize TBN's presence during Toronto's Pride Week, as well as other special events and activities during the year.

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