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Bykes, a bisexual women's discussion/support group, is formed.



Ontario Bisexual Network (OBN) is formed as a mixed-gender discussion and support group. The OBN begins to publish occasional newsletters for the local community. The group decides that "our mandate is simply to bring people together."



First OBN table at Toronto's Pride Day.



Bykes dissolves. OBN attendance increases to averages of 20 per meeting. Networking increases with bisexual groups in Windsor, Kitchener, Peterborough and Ottawa.



Ontario Bisexual Network develops a more provincial format. Local OBN attendance peaks at 35 in the summer. "Bisexuality 101" at Toronto's 519 Church Street Community Centre attracts 70 people. First meeting of bisexual group members from all Ontario groups except Ottawa. Bi socials begin, mostly to movies and dance clubs.



Confusion increases between perceptions of local and provincial versions of OBN. Four OBN associates speak at University of Toronto during "Sexual Diversity Week," to 80 people.



Bisexual Women of Toronto (BIWOT) is formed. The local OBN changes its name to Toronto Bisexual Network (TBN). The provincial OBN becomes "a loose alliance of bisexual groups across the province." Local group attendance decreases to single-digit levels. The TBN name has no known recognition in the local queer community.



BIWOT marches for the first time in the International Women's Day and Take Back The Night marches.



Many TBN meetings have one or two visitors, no one shows up on two occasions.

Pride marching groups are the smallest of the decade.



BIWOT and TBN attendance increases. A combination of the phone messages on 925-XTRA and email contacts greatly increases exposure.



Boston's international bisexual conference includes 10 delegates from BIWOT and TBN. The delegates travel back to Toronto with much more energy for activism. Several BIWOT members attend the April TBN meeting, and decisions are made to increase levels of networking. Bisexual Women of Toronto hosts a seminar on safer sex for women at the 519; it's advertised as a community event in various queer media. The "bito" email discussion group for the local community is launched.



"Bisexuality Unplugged," a Pride week community event, attracts 100 people to the 519 as well as story and picture coverage in XTRA. Many events for the local Bi community are staged during Pride week. Members of BIWOT and TBN appear on three radio programs on CIUT (University of Toronto radio). Ontario Bisexual Network retreats to a one-person organization and dissolves. The first annual Celebrate Bisexuality Day (CBD) on Sept. 23 has events around the world including Toronto. Bi By Nature, a bisexual naturist group, is formed. AIDS Walk Toronto attracts its first bisexual walking group. Healthier Sex Network creates two spin-off groups, mixed-gender bisexual and female-only, for bisexual and Bi-positive women. Bisexual community members are interviewed for Flare, the Varsity and the Toronto Sun. The "BIWOT" email discussion list, for the local bisexual women's community, is launched. Attendance at BIWOT meetings is consistently above 20 each month. BIWOT socials increase in frequency and attendance as a sense of community builds and is sustained. BIWOT marches in Take Back the Night.



BIWOT is the "honoured group" in the annual Dyke March, walking directly behind the parade-leading banner. "Bisexuality Unplugged 2" takes place at the University of Toronto during Pride week. TBN and BIWOT co-sponsor a table at the Pride Day community fair. Bisexual community members are featured in six local radio appearances during Pride week and in a CBC radio documentary "Out Front" across Canada. Buttons for TBN, BIWOT and BiPride are created, as are temporary tattoos. One of BIWOT's co-founders passed away in a car accident -- a significant loss for the bisexual community. BIWOT and TBN both launch web sites. TBN, BIWOT and the fledgling Bisexual Men of Toronto (BIMOT) host a CBD dinner.



Members of TBN and BIWOT are interviewed for television shows about bisexuality (Rogers Cable 10%-Qtv, City's SexTV and TalkTV's Chatroom). BIMOT begins to become more established with a regular venue for monthly meetings. Bisexuals are finally included in the Toronto Pride Week proclamation by the Mayor. Numerous events are planned for Pride Week including Bi-Interactive, the follow-up to Bisexuality Unplugged. Members of BIWOT and TBN are involved in the creation and first meeting of BiNetCanada and offer workshops at the First North American Conference on Bisexuality, Gender and Sexual Diversity in Vancouver. BIWOT email group exceeds 100 members. BIWOT meeting attendance peaks at 40, requiring the meetings to move to a larger room at The 519. Bi Pride T-shirts and stickers are created. An email group called TBN-Events is created just to discuss and announce events for all members of the community and starts out with over 100 members.



"Bi-Uncensored", an educational event that shows the wide variety of ways bisexuals express their sexuality and work within relationships, is held at the University of Toronto. Ryerson University's RYEPride BGLAD (Bisexual Gay Lesbian Awareness Days) includes a panel with two members of TBN. Pride showcases Toronto's first bisexual dance, DEEP @ Savour. Members of the community appear again on CKLN for a bisexual contribution to their Pride programming. The first annual Bi-B-Que is held. A dinner on September 23 honours Celebrate Bisexuality Day. The monthly TBN Bi Brunch is born, an event happening on the second Sunday of every month.



Bi-Versity, a community educational event, is held at the 519 during Pride week in June. The Pride parade features a TBN float/truck, decorated in bisexual pride colours. Some members of TBN attended the second North America Conference on Bisexuality in San Diego. Another Celebrate Bisexuality Day dinner is held at the Living Well restaurant. BIMOT hosts a workshop on sexual intimacy for bisexual men during AIDS Awareness Week in late November.



TBN hosts the Red Hot Bi Valentine's Extravaganza. Pride features the Toronto Bisexual Network community event "Bursting With Bisexuality!", which included creative readings, personal stories, artwork and other unique presentations on bisexual lives and issues. Celebrate Bisexuality Day events included a panel discussion called "Let's Talk About Bisexuality" and "Anything That Grooves", featuring stand-up comedy, live cabaret, a kissing booth and DJ's all evening long. Several TBN members attended the 8th International Conference on Bisexuality, Gender and Sexual Diversity in Minneapolis, USA. It was there that Toronto was named host of the 2006 International Conference on Bisexuality.



Anything That Grooves presents "Mmmm...This Fence Feels Good!", a launch party for a new issue of the zine "The Fence: A New Place of Power for Bisexual Women". TBN presents "The B Word", an evening featuring spoken word, personal stories, and a live bi-themed game show, as part of June's Pride festivities. An educational event is held for Celebrate Bisexuality Day in September, titled "Life on the Continuum: Choosing Fluidity and Challenging Labels." For the first time, a number of local LGBT organizations (Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights in Ontario, Sherbourne Health Centre, Rainbow Health Network, and Xtra!) become involved as active co-sponsors of a Toronto Bisexual Network Celebrate Bisexuality Day event.



The 9th International Conference on Bisexuality, Gender and Sexual Diversity is held in June at Ryerson University in Toronto, with extensive involvement by many members of TBN. "Bi Bash 2006: A Celebrate Bisexuality Day Cabaret" is hosted by Toronto Bisexual Network in September, showcasing local bi talent and performances celebrating bisexuality. Held at the NOW Lounge, over 100 people attend this event. BIMOT begins a series of Saturday afternoon coffee socials in the Village.



Toronto Bisexual Network unveils its new slogan, "We put the 'B' in Toronto's LGBTQ Community!" through a fabulous Pride Parade marching contingent featuring new banners, "B" signs and bi-coloured "bee" costumes. In September, TBN presented "Bi Bash 2007" to a capacity crowd at NOW lounge, honouring Celebrate Bisexuality Day.



TBN brought out more big letter B's and plenty more fabulous bee costumes at the Pride parade. ''The B Side: Exploring Bisexuality'' discussion group for people exploring attractions to more than one gender, or struggling with what their bisexuality means to them, began at Sherbourne Health Centre. Goodhandy's/Club 120 was jammed for Bi Bash '08. The SCREWW Retro Queer Dance Party held a special November event for our community.



''Much More Than A Phase''...  TBN celebrated its 20th anniversary with its largest Pride parade presence (and biggest parade float) ever. BiWoT celebrated its 15th anniversary as well. TBN sponsored a showing of the acclaimed documentary, ''Bi The Way'' at Toronto's Inside Out LGBT film festival. A 20th anniversary cocktail reception was held at Lola Lounge. Bi Bash traveled to the Tranzac Club, with over 150 in attendance. The Bi Women's Film Club began in October.



A TBN member hosted a big summer BiBQ event. A special dinner was organized for Celebrate Bisexuality Day, followed by a night of dancing.



TBN members took part in ''This Is Our Community: Bisexual Anti-Stigma Poster Campaign''.



We continued with our monthly meetings, bi brunches, and other fun Pride festivities.



TBN and Glad Day Bookshop hosted a ''community conversation'' event at the start of Pride Week. TBN hosted a special restaurant brunch for Celebrate Bisexuality Day. A TBN member attended the White House Roundtable on Bisexual Issues in Washington, D.C.



TBN celebrated its 25th year with a special silver anniversary reception. BiWoT celebrated its 20th anniversary. ''FLUID'', a WorldPride art event celebrating photography by bi* artists, was held at Project Gallery. A summer picnic was organized. Some TBN members participated in the first, ''Too Queer: A Bi Visibility Cabaret''.



TBN donates a bi flag to the 519 Church Street Community Centre so that bi+ individuals will be more visible and represented during Pride week.



TBN has an official contingent in the Trans March for the first time. The bi flag flies on the 519 Church Street Community Centre for the second year in a row during Pride month. TBN hosts its first Pride Mixer at ODIN. The inaugural Toronto Bi Arts Festival

held its first weekend-long festival around Bi Visibility Day/Celebrate Bisexuality Day.


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